Northampton Day 2

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There were some remarkable performances by Embrocation riders on day one of the Verge races in Northampton, MA. In the 3 field, Chris Laflamme and Cary Fridrich had awesome days both, finishing 2nd and 3rd, respectively and Cary taking the overall lead in the Verge series. In the pro field, Bradshaw rode like a man possessed to finish 17th, while Pete Smith churned away just a couple riders behind to finish 20th.

Since I was away in New York attending another event there (stay tuned for more details on that) most of the race reporting this weekend comes from day 2.

Kyle preps his bike, no doubt cleaned thoroughly the night before… then flexes the guns prior to start.

Friend of the team Brock Dennis had a little fall while warming up and did some serious damage to his shoulder.

Laflamme suits up for another hard race…

Then gets off to an early lead with a few other riders on the first lap.

I had a decent start but faltered a bit on the second lap and fell into a chase group a little bit behind the Laflamme lead group.

Cary wears the Verge series leader’s jersey, which weighs heavily on him this day.

Kyle had a rough start but made up ground on the flat, grassy sections.

Laflamme drops the others in the lead group and wrestles his bike through the sand pit…

And manages to keep it upright.

I was not as skilled and ran my way through the sand.

Chris takes a hard-fought and long-awaited win, holding off a hard charge from two NCC riders.

Chris was happy with his win, but rode so hard to get it he bit through his tongue and had a mouth full of blood.

I managed to shed a few riders to finish 5th, but wasn’t able to catch the Laflamme group.

Cary’s disappointment with his ride is evident as he crosses the line in 10th…

But his hard effort to limit his losses paid off as he was able to retain the overall lead in the Verge series for another day.

Laflamme enjoys the top box on the podium, flanked by Evan Huff and Colin Murphy from NCC, who gave chase but to no avail.



The Pro field was typical of the Verge races. Relatively small field with an extremely deep talent pool.

The pro field departs.

There was a crash, almost immediately and Peters Bradshaw and Smith are caught in the tumble, but unhurt.

Pete Smith puts in an all-out effort to chase back on to the group.

Rubi is arguably the most stylish of us all on the bike. So smooth…

And on the run-up, he was putting on a clinic. He may have been the fastest off the bike of the entire race.

PVB takes a hard corner at full speed and wears his emotions vividly.

Bradshaw clawed his way back from behind the crash and reeled in Adam Meyerson. They rode together for the latter part of the race.

Bradshaw tried his best to shake off Meyerson before the sprint finish, but couldn’t drop the CycleSmart rider.

Bradshaw slides in for an 18th place finish on the day – quite impressive by any standard, especially considering the issues at the start.



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