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By: Embrocation Nov 28

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Two important things to realize before we continue on: 1)The gift-giving holidays are upon us, like it or not. 2) Cyclocross season is way, way far from being over, like it or not. With those two little nuggets in mind, let’s move on to some announcements about some goings-on here at Embrocation, in no particular order.

Free Domestic Shipping, Now Thru December
For starters, we’re going to be offering free Ground Shipping on all orders shipped in the United States. This offer is in effect from now through the end of December and takes some sting out of the gift-purchasing process, especially those must-have from me, to me gifts. And what ARE some of those items you can now order shipping cost free?

FMB Super Mud Tires

FMB Super Mud tires are now back in stock. We got our first batch of these mud-specific, hand-made tires in early this fall and promptly sold out. These tires are especially made for muddy conditions – conditions that you’re increasingly likely to encounter as we march into December and beyond. As impressive as the FMBs are for their ride quality, they’re equally impressive for their durability and longevity. If history is to serve as any guide, we suggest jumping on these now before they’re gone, again.

Embrocation 2012 Team Kit

Our 2012 Team Kit is available for purchase is very limited quantities.
Made in Italy by our team clothing sponsor, Giordana, the new team kit uses a completely new design this time around. The kit features some of the highest end clothing items that Giordana has to offer.

Embrocation Winter Cycling Cap

We’re of the belief that a good winter cycling cap is a dire necessity for anyone who harbors ambitions to ride outside in winter weather. We’ve also come to accept that there are few winter cycling caps that are both warm and comfortable. Enter the Giordana Corsa cap, which is as warm as you’d expect from a winter hat and yet remarkably flexible and comfortable when worn for hours under a helmet.

More coming soon….
In the coming days we’ll have a bunch of new products coming to Embrocation in all forms. Check back later this week for details on at least some of those…



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