Moka Parlour Ascent Wheelset

By: Brandon Jan 29

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Wheels are sometimes made to go really fast on flat ground, sometimes made to climb mountains, sometimes made to tame harsh road conditions. We're more interested in a wheelset that blends a number of qualities; the problem with that tends to be compromise. A deep-section wheelset can be heavy, but fast on flat ground. Shallow carbon wheels climb well, but don't hold speed like deep carbon wheels.

Where does that leave us? Find a wheelset that compromises as little as possible to do everything great, of course. With a complete weight starting at about 1300g, our Ascent line of wheels are light. With staggered depth of 35mm front and 45mm rear, they are exceptionally aerodynamic. How aero? How about only giving up 2-3 watts to competitors' 60mm deep wheels?

The wider rims provide exceptional stability in cross winds, and support your tires for better handling. 26mm wide in the front and 24mm wide in the rear takes advantage of a more blunt front rim to stabilize your front wheel in the case of cross-winds, but saves weight in the rear.

ENVE SES Smart rims are the epitome on the market. The 3.4 is the go-to set when you want one set to do it all. Sapim CX-Ray spokes are the gold standard and the only spoke we use on our top-tier wheels. Paired with Chris King R45, DT Swiss 240s, Industry Nine Torch Road, or White Industries T11 hubs each provide a slightly different personality for your next wheelset. Please CONTACT US if you have questions on hub options.

Each wheelset comes with your choice of Ultegra 6700/6800, SRAM 1070, or Campagnolo Chorus cassette, ENVE brake pads, and rim strips (clincher).

All of our Moka Parlour Wheels are built in-house by our head wheelmaster. With over a decade of experience building wheels for commuters, enthusiasts and racers, wheels that have traveled the world and ridden every possible road condition.

Chris King hubs are available in black, silver, pewter, red, gold, mango, green, navy, and pink. Industry Nine hubs are available in red, black, silver, blue, gold, orange, pink, purple, green, and turquoise. White Industries hubs are available in silver or black. DT Swiss hubs are available in black.

*During checkout, please leave your desired cassette range in the comments section

Chris King R45 Wheelset - $2800

DT Swiss 240s Wheelset - $2700

Industry Nine Torch Road Wheelset - $2500

White Industries T11 Wheelset - $2500

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