Meet Our Makers - Senior Staff Photographer

By: Brandon Jun 29

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I’m Joshua. Can’t remember a time when a bike wasn’t the most important thing in my life. I used my first BMX bike to race every kid in my neighborhood. When I was 12 I started competing in XC mountain bike events and I plastered my bedroom walls with every picture of John Tomac and Julie Furtado I could rip out of Mountain Bike Action. The dirt is in my blood, which explains why I dedicate most of my time to being a solid mid-pack finisher in local cyclocross events.

I make my living as an editorial/commercial fashion photographer but I secretly long to bike camp for the rest of my days. I dig riding on the road and sometimes I do alright on a club ride, though mostly I just want to be King of the Café Stop. Got my sights set on a Euro relocation in the coming years so I can get destroyed by skinny Belgians.

Few things make me happier than Mexi-Cokes, Banh Mi, stroopwafels, and making my own Chamois Cream. Embrocation has been kind enough to allow me to bring my skills of making people look fantastic to the table and I even designed a bidon for them. I’m affectionately referred to as “Art School” around the HQ due to my penchant for using words like penchant. I feel like this nickname is justified.

Pros: Has a deep bag of L series lenses, mega-handy with an Aeropress, very charming. (edit: allegedly - BE)

Cons: Went to art school, self-deprecating, uses vscocam way too much, listens to Rush.

You can view my work at joshahaines which helps my Google analytics.

Thank you for your time.

graphic by Grayson Smith



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