New Products: Cross Tires from Maxxis and more...

By: Embrocation Oct 27

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We're recently bolstered our supply and selection of tires on the Embrocation Store. One of the appeals of cyclocross is, at least to us, the ability one has to tailor equipment to conditions. This brings an element of strategy and thought to a sport that is otherwise characterized by riding all-out for nearly an hour, thereby eliminating the possibility of any thought process. Tire selection is arguably THE most critical aspect of equipement choice on any given day. Course type, ground condition, precipitation and temperature all play important roles in any determination. Over the past few years, we've used pretty much every cross tire on the market and we've come to understand what tires do well and what they don't. Let's just say we have our opinions and we're sharing them with you now.

For years, Maxxis has quietly been moving into a position of dominance in the mountain bike world with a large and diverse product selection that offers a tire for every type of bike, for virtually any condition imaginable. They're cross bike selection has been a bit slower to catch on, but is no less impressive. We've had the opportunity to use their products for the past years and we're now pleased to be selling an array of 3 of our favorite Maxxis cross tires. They're all clinchers; they're all remarkably affordable and they cover the spectrum of needs for just about any cyclocross situation one might encounter.


The Mud Wrestler is as the name suggests: A dedicated mud clincher tire designed with an aggressive tread for maximum traction and cornering ability in the muddiest conditions.READ MORE




The Mimo is, quite simply, the best cornering clincher tire we've ever used. It sticks to grass, hardpack and dirt surfaces in an almost supernatural way. It's also extremely speedy in a straight line on pavement and other hard surfaces.READ MORE




The Raze is neither the best mud tire nor the fastest-rolling we've used, but it certainly is the best marriage of both of those usually disparate worlds. It hooks up supremely in the mud but unlike most dedicated mud tires, it rolls smooth and fast on hard surfaces. It also excels in cold, snowy and icy conditions. READ MORE





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