Maglia Nera Stage 12 and 13

By: Gavin Gould May 23

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Stage 12 Barbaresco – Barolo 41.9km TT

Nothing happened with regards to our Maglia Nera except Tobias Ludvigsson of Giant-Shimano crashing out, bummer for him. No change in Maglia Nera, though normally a TT would be where Svein smashes dudes. He’s tired and been in a few spills, so he took it chill. Good man.

Stage 13 Fossano – Rivarolo Canavese 157km

Svein finished with the main pack today, so he’s out of the cellar, though not by much. Probably wanted to get back to the hotel and catch a playoff hockey game or something (because Canadian).

So you’re thinking, cool, got us a new guy in the Maglia Nera to learn about!! Hold on there, sports fan… we got Jetse Bol back in black at +2:28:00. His twitter said something about it after the stage in Dutch, so he’s into it, just like us, we think.

As an aside, Jetse is blowing up the Instagrams, and peering through them, it sort of seems like dude is into bikes, cyclocross, wheelies, and espresso. Jetse is good people.



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