L'Eroica / Strade Bianche--Part I

By: Philip Gale Apr 11

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The iconic image from the history of cycling is a black and white photo of a cyclist, on a bike that seems too large for him by today’s standards. Clad it what seems to be plain, unbranded clothing, he focuses on the challenge ahead, teeth gritted at the effort. Turning the pedals are legs that look to be stained dark by the hours he has ridden under the hot sun. All the time this same sun reflects up from the white gravel roads he rides on.

Imagine an event where you could re-live these glory days. L’Eroica is just that: a historic bike event that celebrates the golden age of cycle sport. The event takes place in Tuscany, and riders relive the days when local hero Bartali rode over these same hills. Normally such sportif type events derive from professional races, but L’Eroica is special in that it led to the Strade Bianche, the full gas professional (won this year by Fabian Cancellara—Ed.) race over the same terrain. Though the events take place months apart, we thought we would give you a little insight into both in a two-part photo gallery. For both the professionals racing, and recreational riders out to celebrate cycling’s golden age, all who take on the Strade Bianche, show themselves to be L’Eroica, or “the heroic.”



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