Images of the 2010 GVA Trofee Krawatencross

By: Jeremy Jo Jul 19

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For most cyclists, July means The Tour, the reemergence of tan lines, and the rediscovery of fitness. For a select few however, July is just one month closer to the start of ‘cross season.

I had the fortune of attending the GVA Trofee Krawatencross race in Lille, Beligum last year. It was a whirlwind experience being surrounded by hundreds of drunk Belgians and watching the likes of Nys, Wellens, Stybar and Vos float through meters of sand as though they were pedaling on pavement. My one lasting impression is the smell of embrocation and stale beer as I wandered the course: frat party meets bike racing. I dedicate these images to those waiting for the leaves to change and the temperatures to drop, as the faint ring of cowbells lingers.



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