More Goodies: Last Chance Embro Goods Pre-Christmas

By: Embrocation Dec 18

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We have some new products added to the Embro store in the past week. Small, but nice little items like the coffee mug and musette bags. We also have some product packages. More details below.

Before the products, though... This Monday, the 19th of December is the final day to guarantee that we will be able to get your goods to you prior to the Christmas weekend. Place your orders now and we'll get them out the door right away!


We're reintroducing several of our packages that proved popular last year. Packages offer the possibility for you to stock up some of our most popular items at a discounted rate. These are good gift ideas for your friends and loved ones, or as the all-important "to me, from me" holiday present.READ MORE




The musette bag is an essential bit of gear for the avid cyclist. It's much more than just a feed zone item; it's a simple, multi-purpose tote bag that we find ourselves using in all kinds of ways, on and off the bike. READ MORE




New to the Embro store is our classy stoneware travel mug. Stoneware, combined with a stainless steel, cup-holder shaped base, is paired with a pop-in silicon lid that absorbs neither odor nor soap, and will therefore allow you to enjoy your fine brew in its intended fresh and pure form every time. READ MORE





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