Gaulzetti: Production Photo Gallery

By: Pete Smith Aug 8

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"The difference between an expert and a professional is that an expert knows, or thinks he knows, all the answers; a professional knows how to get all the answers."

I'm unsure who originally made this statement, but it's become something of a motto for me in my professional life and accurately describes our approach to Gaulzetti Cicli. Craig Gaulzetti is a rider, racer, fitter and bicycle designer. He's dabbled in building frames with his own hands, but like a true professional, he realizes his talents and work are best applied to the design process, not the building. He lets other, more qualified individuals do the fabrication. As a result, we have the best of both worlds: A specific focus on design by an experienced designer, and then the application of that design, rendered in metal, by some of the best frame fabricators in the world.

Each Gaulzetti is fabricated in Medford, Massachusetts by our friend, Ricky DeFrancisco at Cantabrigian Mechanics. Ricky is a master fabricator who has mostly worked behind the scenes, building bikes for large companies everyone has heard of, and for smaller companies across the country. Building bikes is Ricky's great passion, but by no means the only part of his business. He's a designer and machinist and his shop does contract work for the likes of MIT, other universities and private sector contractors, making extremely high precision machine parts for things like Mars rovers, surgical instruments, etc. In short, Ricky's work is astoundingly high quality and precise. Plus, he's local and he employs a bunch of smart, talented welders and fabricators to make our bikes.

Ricky is doing everything in-house. Mitering, welding, alignment, small parts fabrication and heat treatment; all done in Medford to the most exacting standards we've seen from our years observing frame fabrication of all sorts.

Thanks to Jody Stoddard for the fantastic photos.



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