Gaulzetti Cicli 2012, Part One

By: Embrocation Feb 7

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We do not normally subscribe to the concept of model years here at Gaulzetti. The nature of our product is such that we don't make changes for the sake of change itself, but instead implement rolling upgrades to the bikes as they become available. So too we make changes to the specs of our complete bicycle packages to reflect the most current products on the market for components and wheels. Our 2012 Corsa does not differ significantly from the bikes we have delivered over the past year or so. It uses the same oversized alloy tubeset custom drawn for us by Dedacciai. Also standard are the 44mm headtube and the Enve Composites tapered fork as well as the Press Fit BB30 bottom bracket. As with before all of our bikes are made in-house in our Medford, Massachusetts production facility to the exacting standards you would expect from fine, American craftsmen and women.

So what's different? Well, not much and we like it that way, as far as the Corsa frameset is concerned. The major difference for the Corsa in 2012 are the specifications on our complete bicycle packages. We've heard your feedback, taken into account all of the components presently available, and have arrived at complete bicycle packages we feel represent a wide breadth of price points and spec options each tuned to the performance characteristics of the Corsa.

The most major change that appears across the lineup is our adoption of Mavic as our go-to wheel option across the line. We've had a long affinity for Mavic products and we're proud to be able to offer them. Their race pedigree would be hard to summarize here but suffice it to say, any bicycle race that is worth existing has, at one point or another, been won on Mavic wheels. Despite their performance prowess, they make few bombastic claims - their marketing literature is devoid of mystifying pseudo-scientific blather. The focus is on real-world performance: the light wheels are light; the aero wheels are aero and all ride with a taught, stiff character befitting of our bicycles. Of equal importance is the supreme durability and robustness of every Mavic wheel. Across the line, every Mavic product has the distinction of being equally capable of being a race-only wheelset, or a daily rider in the worst road conditions imaginable. Add to this the fact that Mavic wheels are easily serviceable and repairable by bicycle mechanics the world over and the results are wheel systems with an unmatched blend of raw performance and real-world practicality that appeals to us.

If you remain skeptical on the Mavic thing, we'd suggest you give them a shot. If you just can't get there mentally, that's fine too, there are many superb wheel options available and we'd be happy to build you a custom bike with whatever component package you desire.

Complete bicycle specifications:

Also new for 2012 are a couple changes to our standard color options. Gone are the Hi Vis colors, sadly. The truth is that we love Hi Vis, but the EPA has recently tightened regulations regarding some paint additives and the ingredient that makes the Hi Vis possible is no longer available for use in the US. We have no intention of outsourcing our paint, so we have shelved Hi Vis until such time as a more environmentally-friendly version is available. We have added two colors: Another light blue we're calling "Embrocation Blue," which is a bit darker and deeper than our Belgian blue and matches the pantone color used in the Embrocation team kits. We've also added a classic but vibrant pink that is bright but classy.

Corsa in the new Embro Blue.

Last but certainly not least, the pricing on the Corsa frameset has nudged up slightly from $2800 to $2899. This small price hike is completely due to fabrication costs. It's a costly business, building bicycles in the US by hand. Skilled workers who have devoted their lives to their craft demand outrageous things like health insurance and a living wage. We're only too happy to be able to provide for those who provide for us, so we gladly accept the price of local, handmade fabrication. It's a small, incremental price increase and it's one we hope you'll understand.

You can find complete product specs and details on the Gaulzetti Corsa page. If you have any questions about the Gaulzetti Corsa, Mavic wheels or any of our build kit options, please CONTACT US.

Coming soon: A whole new Gaulzetti model and a NAHBS preview.



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