Gallery: Corsa in Original Embrocation Team Paint

By: Embrocation Apr 5

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When we first started posting pictures of this bike on various corners of the internet, the reaction was universally positive but also curious. A number of people referred to this as a "retro" look. True, this was a paint scheme that we featured prominently a few years ago on the original Embrocation team bikes, which not coincidentally were also the first Gaulzetti prototypes. But that was only in 2009. We're not so sure 4 years ago counts as retro, but we appreciate the sentiment, which seems to be that this paint scheme is a modern classic and that can't be a bad thing.

This is a custom 55cm Corsa destined for a cyclist in Auckland, New Zealand. It's headed down there as a frameset only but we're really excited to see how it comes together.

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