Gallery: 60cm Corsa in Yellow with Black Logos

By: Embrocation Dec 1

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It seems like recently we've been showing a lot of images of smaller Gaulzetti frames. Well, that's just a statistical fluke of our sales and delivery process. Truth be told, the Corsa and Cazzo are excellent big boy bikes. Craig Gaulzetti is a tall dude and his bikes reflect the needs of larger, more powerful riders needing copious stiffness and stable but quick handling for hard riding and racing situations. Here's the latest:

A 60cm Corsa in yellow with black logos.

New dropouts on the corsa are big, stiff and really light.

The non-driveside dropout highlights the dual-cutout design.

A good view of both dropouts including the extra fat single bolt that holds the new hanger in place.

Sizable yet shapely chainstays are one of the hallmarks of the Corsa.


Big head tube. Big down tube. Big top tube. Stiff front end.

A close-up view of the 44mm head tube. Nothing fancy here - just a stout connection between the oversized tubes and a good place for the headset to live.

Classic down-tube mounted cable guides with adjusters. It's tempting to over-think these sorts of things, but there's no need.

Plenty of room on this seat mast for the logo.

Business end: ready for Shimano style cranks.

We've always found beauty in the large, functional welds on aluminum bicycle frames.

More information on the Gaulzetti Corsa...



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