Gallery: 51cm Corsa in Embro Blue with Copper Logos

By: Embrocation Dec 5

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Here we have our latest Corsa in a size 51cm. This seems like a good opportunity for a couple notes on Gaulzetti geometry: We offer 14 stock sizes and if you dig a little into the geometry chart you'll see that it's really two distinct geometries at work. Our odd sized frames, like the 51cm featured here, are bikes that are longer and lower in the front end whereas the even numbered frame sizes are decidedly within the curve of what would be considered normal head tube lengths for bikes with race pedigree. For example, the 51cm is essentially the same geometry as the 54cm, but it has a shorter head tube and stand-over. For more information on Gaulzetti geometry give us a shout. For now, enjoy looking at the latest Corsa.

51cm Corsa in Embro Blue with custom copper logos

This bike uses the I7 headset from Chris King.

51cm bike with uncut fork and seat mast.

Dropout with replaceable hanger.

Extra large diameter chain stays.

Rear end is utilitarian and functional.

A straight-on view of the dropout shows its thickness.

Chain stay junction with the oversized BB shell.

The side-on view of the BB unit, including the SRAM Press Fit BB30 insert.

The sparkly copper colored logos really compliment the Embro Blue color.

A tight head tube cluster on this smaller sized frame.

Classic barrel adjusters make cable trim easy and quick.

A good view of the drive train line on this Corsa.

And a good view of the front triangle.

More information on the Gaulzetti Corsa...



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