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By: Whit Yost Dec 17

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It’s fashion week in professional cycling and I have a confession to make: I’m kinda obsessed with team kit. Maybe it’s some kind of compensation for the fact that my parents never bought me an Eagles Starter jacket when I asked for one in 7th grade—or maybe I’m just weird. And now that several teams have come together for their December training camps, I’m beginning to get my yearly fix. In particular, Team Radio Shack, Omega Pharma Lotto, and Cervélo TestTeam, have released images of their duds for 2010. Let’s hit the runway!

The obvious darling of the ball has to be Team Radio Shack. I read one comment in which someone described the jersey as a “strapless dress”. Suffice it to say, I agree—or maybe the effect’s just due to the person modeling it? Seriously though, I like it—bold and simple. I also appreciate the use of slate grey—so long as the shorts are primarily black—like Motorola.

Moving-on, Omega Pharma Lotto unveiled a festive new jersey for 2010. At first glance, two things come to mind: Wrigley’s chewing gum and Christmas. How long do you think it will take for the press to refer to Philippe Gilbert and his teammates as Lotto’s Little Elves? Clearly an effort has been made to move away from the red background of the past few seasons, moving instead to something set against white. Like Radio Shack, my final opinion will be reserved until I get a look at the shorts. My guess is they’ll be a nice minty green. Hey guys, just because Tulip pulled-off mint green in the early 1990’s doesn’t mean you can do the same now—or can you?

Lastly, we have the Cervélo TestTeam. I was lukewarm about last season’s all-black Castelli kit—luckily their all-white summer kit presented a marked improvement. For 2010 I was hoping for something in the middle—maybe a white jersey with black shorts? Nope. We’re back in black, kids—and worse, it’s been combined with the red band from Castelli’s line of retro wool sweaters. Make up your mind, Cervélo! Either go for broke with the modernist look, or fall back to something classic and timeless. And the “é”? I vote “Yes” as a strategically placed logo, “No” as major design component. Here’s hoping the Tour will bring with it another kit change for Thor and his colleagues.

Overall, while it’s been a good start to the season, several key questions still remain. For example, how will Quick Step integrate Eddy Merckx into its new design? Will the departure of Assos from BMC (I’m assuming Hincapie will be providing the clothing) bring with it a change in the vision for the kit’s design? And what will Astana do? As long as they avoid turning the reins over to this guy they’ll be fine.



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