ENVE 3.4 Clincher

By: Brandon Dec 14

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We're not trying to jump the gun, CX season is still building up to National Championship races, the World Cup isn't even half way through the season, and the CX World Championships are nearly two months away. But, road gear is oh-so-sexy and while it makes it's way to the back burner in the winter here in North America, we still love the parts. Plus, most of us are still running the same wheels on our road and CX bikes anyway.

We're busy prepping frames, sourcing gruppos, and building wheels for next year. We'll be offering a selection of handbuilt wheels coming soon; from purpose-built box-section training wheels and lightweight race/train alloy clinchers, to beautiful and dead-sexy carbon clinchers and tubulars.

Handbuilt wheel will start around $600 and run the gamut to about $3000, with multiple price-points along the way. Each set will be built taking into account your riding style, intended use, and weight. But, we won't leave aesthetics behind sourcing parts from Chris King, White Industries, Sapim, H Plus Son, Mavic, ENVE, and others.

We're looking to have our wheelsets live for ordering before the end of January. Our goal is to go from order to delivery in less than 2 weeks. Keep an eye on the wheel page of our site for more info soon!



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