Embrocation Socks 3.0

By: Embrocation Oct 31

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Our socks have come to be some of our most popular items and for good reason. We feel they're an ideal marriage of form and function; design and execution. Like our previous iterations of socks, this newest batch comes in a tall cuff - in this case a 6" cuff that provides compression, protection and provides ample surface for designs. Speaking of design, unlike our previous socks, which came in one design rendered in different colors, this series of socks comes in three colors, each with its own specific design. It's a change that we've been wanting to make for a while and adds a degree of specificity to our sock lineup that we think everyone will appreciate. We're also using a new material for our socks: it retains the compression and tight, form-fitting function of the previous version, but adds a higher degree of breathability with a more natural, less synthetic feel to the material itself. We also feel the durability has been improved, but who cares? They look and feel great. Enjoy.

Our new socks come in three colors - navy blue with white logos, white with blue logos and our black with white logos. Each sock comes in three sizes: Small fits sizes 35-39; Medium fits sizes 39-44; Large fits sizes 45-48.

$12.50/pr for a single pair, $10/pr for 2 pairs, $9.50/pr for 3 pairs or more.

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