Embro News - Volume 7

By: Embrocation Sep 2

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Now Carrying Rouleur

It may, at first blush, seem strange for us to be carrying Rouleur in addition to our own publications. “Why would they carry a competing publication?” you may ask yourself. We don’t see Rouleur as a competing product; we see it as complimentary and a product that does what our company mission statement demands: to cultivate and perpetuate cycling culture in all its forms. We’ve long admired Rouleur’s style, content and presentation and feel it offers a slightly different approach to high-end cycling journalism than our own cycling journals. Their culture and brand image are compatible with our own and we feel the relationship will be mutually beneficial. Indeed Rouleur will probably be the first of a series of other cycling publications we’ll be bringing in to our product mix over the next couple months. And for our growing reader-base in the UK, it’s likely that before too long you’ll be able to purchase Embrocation from Rouleur, thus eliminating trans-atlantic shipping rates. More info to come on this soon.

But for now, Rouleur Issue 19 is available for immediate purchase on our web store.

Embrocation at Eurobike

If you’re one of our British or Continental readers headed to Eurobike this year, you should go check out the Crema Cycles Stand (FG-A5/7). Crema Cycles is the brainchild of our friend Ken Bloomer. We’ve talked about Ken before – he’s an American ex-pat living in Germany and importing some of his favorite American products for selling in Europe. Crema Cycles is his business devoted to selling high-end products like Independent Fabrication Bicycles, Dugast Tires and Embrocation Cycling Journal, amongst others. We just sent Ken a bunch of Volume 5 as well as a package rich in soft goods like T-shirts, track jackets, hats, etc. So, if you find yourself at Eurobike, swing by, talk to Ken and get him to pull you a shot of espresso.

New Products from Mad Alchemy

Our friend and team co-sponsor Pete Smith spent some good time putting together some new products for us last week. In addition to getting fully restocked on Mad Alchemy’s cold weather embrocations, we’ve also received a batch of Pete’s Euro Pro Chamois Cream. This is a similar, but distinctly different product from the standard Pro Chamois cream. The Euro is thicker, stronger smelling and more medicinal than the Pro’s light, citrusy smell. This makes the Euro a much better option for long rides or tough conditions like those found in many cyclocross races. The Euro Chamois Cream is also now part of our Embrocation Race Day Kit.



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