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By: Embrocation Dec 19

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It's not every day we get to roll out a new product, let alone one that we've been working to develop for months. We've been talking about it as a possibility for quite some time, but now it's for real: The Gaulzetti Inox is our stainless steel model and while it's a departure from every other stainless bike on the market, it is entirely in keeping with the Gaulzetti philosophy.

Like the Corsa, the Inox is a pure race frame and is designed with stiffness and traditional race bicycle handling characteristics at its core. Unlike the Corsa, we've adjusted some aspects of the Inox setup to make it a more versatile bicycle and one capable of handling a wider assortment of road conditions. We've increased the clearances a bit: longer chain stays, adjusted brake bridge location, and variations in head tube and fork rake all increase tire clearances and allow for the use of wider clinchers or tubulars that are best suited for the rough stuff - cobbles, torn up roads or dirt. We've done this with no changes to the fit parameters of the Inox versus the Corsa. Some geometry characteristics have changed, but the fit coordinates will perfectly match the Corsa on a size-to-size basis.

We're still working out the final specifications of the Inox frames, but here's what we know for sure:

  • - Wide diameter stainless steel main tubes and stays.
  • - Standard English threaded bottom bracket.
  • - Standard 1 1/8" head tube design.
  • - Geometry that matches the fit parameters of our Corsa.
  • - Slightly longer chain stays and modified brake bridge location for increased tire clearance.
  • - Uses standard (not long reach) brake calipers.
  • - Fork with slightly increased rake to accommodate clearance requirements.

  • We will officially unveil the Inox this coming January and will be delivering our first production bikes shortly thereafter. We also plan to have at least one Inox at the handmade bicycle show in early March. More to come...


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