Cazzo in the Raw

By: Embrocation Sep 6

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The Gaulzetti Cazzo is made from Columbus Uber Oversize PegoRichie tubing. This is a version of the Columbus Niobium Spirit tubeset, which is the finest non-stainless material currently available from the legendary Italian tubing manufacturer. This is one of two tubesets designed as a join project between Richard Sachs and Dario Pegoretti, and is the larger diameter of the two.

After sampling several different tube options for our steel bike, we settled on the PegoRichie tubing for a few reasons:

1) The tube dimensions were what we were looking for to produce a down and dirty race bike. Big tubes = stiff bike that resists deflection under load. This is, to our mind worth accepting a slight weight penalty versus the great gains in resistance to flexibility.

2) Columbus Niobium is an amazingly nice material, from just about any viewpoint. It’s light. It’s extremely easy to work with in machining, welding and finishing and it is about as resistant to corrosion as a non-stainless material can be.

3) The co-design work of Richard and Dario combines their vast experiences working with steel tubing. They chose the dimensions and relief profiles based on their knowledge of ride quality, craft and longevity.

The long and short of it is that it was the best material for the job. Also, Richard Sach’s small parts – most notably dropouts, were too good an option to pass up.

We just received a large quantity of Uber Oversize PegoRichie tubing and we have a few Cazzos in production presently. Galleries of these completed bikes are coming soon.



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