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By: Brandon Apr 26

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After a great night of sleep, today was my first chance to see the roads we'll traverse tomorrow at butterGOLD. Escorted by Michael, the ride organizer extraordinaire and curator of Butter, we departed late morning in what could be described as absolutely ideal weather.

Sun shining down, and the temps rolling into the low-70's, we made our way out of Bolder proper via bike paths before coming to what are the most perfect roads I've probably ever ridden. The paved sections were as smooth as a track, the gravel roads almost seemed as though they were made for cyclists.

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Out on the road we made good time, never really hammering but also never really meandering. The few rollers we came to saw us tick it up a notch, but over roughly 30 miles we ascended roughly 1200ft.

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I'm anxiously waiting tomorrow's arrival, the weather forecast is showing very different conditions than the beautiful ones we experienced today: mid-40's and the potential for rain and high winds.

What will that mean for us? I'm not really sure. I just drove 1100 miles to get here, so I'll be on my bike regardless, but it seems lower temperatures and rain could lead to a smaller group. Time will tell.

photos and words by Brandon Elliott



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