Brandon to Boulder: Intro

By: Brandon Apr 24

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This was thrown together pretty last minute. Though, to me, last minute means I did have a couple of weeks to plan. Typically traveling with kids means plans are made months in advance, but when it's a solo road trip, not a ton of planning is really needed.

It was only about 2 weeks ago that I learned about butterGOLD, a ride put on by Michael Robson of Butter. Designed as a sort of Gentleman's Race, dubbed a course civilisée, butterGOLD is a 160km (100mi) ride leaving from the Butter Studio and hitting as much gravel as the course will allow.

As much a celebration of the Spring Classics as it is a ride, I couldn't miss the chance to join in. With the wife giving me the green light, work commitments covered by an exceptionally understanding coworker, and lodging offered up by the ride organizer himself, I was off.

Time will tell how this ride goes for a flatlander coming from sea level, but no doubt it'll be fun. The plan is to sit in the pack, out of the wind, and pretend like I belong there for as long as possible.......we shall see.



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