Brandon to Boulder: Day 1

By: Brandon Apr 25

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1,050 miles behind me, and the Rockies immediately in front of me, I've landed in Boulder. The trip was thankfully quite uneventful, save for my stop last night.

As I rolled into Colorado, I started to get tired. Night had fallen, I still had 200 miles ahead of me, so I decided to find a spot to sleep. The first few hotels I came across seemed to me to be overpriced for their offerings, then I tumbled across a listing for The Sedgwick Antique Inn and with a call in to confirm there were rooms available, I exited highway 76.

Coming into this sleepy town after nightfall I didn't quite realize how small it was. I was greeted at the door by Lupe, who explained that she had purchased the ex-bank about 12 years ago and converted it to the Inn that it is today. After a brief tour of the lobby I was shown to my room, consisting of two beds, a couple of chairs, and a dresser.

The entire place had a very farm-house feel to it, and if you're easily creeped out by something so rustic, this place surely isn't for you. I could go on for hours about this place, but I feel I'd be pitching the wrong light. It was actually quite quaint and well worth the $25/night asking price.

7:00 am came quickly and I was on my way. The town bar/liquor store/barber, was pretty quiet as you can see above.

Only about 2 hours from Boulder, I shot straight west and parked just off of the CU campus when I arrived. No more than 10 minutes later and I was kitted up and on my bike. North on Broadway and west on Baseline, I made a beeline to Flagstaff. Nothing about me makes me a good climber, but living in flatlandia leaves me craving mountain rides, so up I went......



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