Bikes of butterGOLD: Tim Allen's Foundry

By: Brandon May 3

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After popping out for a Single Speed National Championship win, Tim Allen showed up on this Foundry. Dressed up with some nice kit and sporting a killer bright orange pair of stickers after being tagged at Sea Otter, Tim's bike is a stealth rocket.

While the frame sports Foundry's subdued black/grey motif, and the Shimano Ultegra 6770 drivetrain wears the familiar Shimano hue, Tim has spiced up his bike with Industry Nine i25 Disc wheels laced around the company's red hubs. If you look closely, Tim is rolling with the pro-issue-only Dura-Ace 7900 nuts to hold his Shimano CX chainring on. I will need to work with Tim to get the correct 46t 7900 chainring though. Tim: shoot me an email.

Another nice touch on Tim's bike are the TRP HyRd hydraulic disc brakes. We've only set up a few sets in the past, but after tons of miles Tim's still feel great.

photos and words by Brandon Elliott



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