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The design elements of each Gaulzetti are based upon traditional Italian racing geometry with regard to fit and function, but updated for the rigors of modern racing conditions as well as for the ergonomic demands of contemporary components. Gaulzetti Cicli produces a nimble, fast and balanced bicycle. The frames are designed to excel under all potential race conditions, especially technical courses where constant hard cornering and rapid changes in tempo are encountered.

All frames are built by hand in Medford, Massachusetts from the finest materials we are able to source.


We hold to the belief that bicycles are tools and should be optimized for their intended function. We come from a background of racing and hard training. It's what we know and our desire is to make not just race bikes, but the best race bikes we possibly can - the best tools for the job if that job is riding hard, riding long and doing so in all conditions. We've sourced our materials, devised our geometry and optimized our production process to achieve this goal. Our aesthetics flow from our original product goals; form is a direct result of function and we appreciate the beauty of a machine based on how purposefully functional it is - how well it purports to work as a tool.

We also believe in the preeminence of American manufacturing as the method of choice for producing our products. In our facility, we focus on small batch operations and can rapidly introduce improvements, address quality control issues and experiment with new materials and designs. This would be impossible to achieve with overseas production and extended supply lines. There's also the all-important but intangible element of knowing personally and sharing values and background with those who make your specialty goods.

The prices of our bicycles are not determined by the market. We charge what we need charge for our products in order to build with the materials we want, in the location we want, with the labor and skill that we need and to do so sustainably, in a fashion that allows us to stand behind our product for the long-term and continue to improve our products and processes.

Gaulzetti bikes aren't for everyone. They're for those who share our philosophy and our passions.


Not all materials are created the same. There are high, medium and low quality versions of every material used for bicycle construction. We currently make frames from steel and aluminum and we have sourced tubes and other materials that are the best, highest end materials currently available for bicycle construction.


Our aluminum tubes for the Corsa and Chunder frames are produced by Dedacciai in Italy. We have designed a custom version of their 7005 butted alloy tubeset in oversized shapes perfect for producing the stiff, reactive race bikes that are our specialty. Compared to some other aluminum tubes used in high end bicycle construction, our tubes are wider diameter and thicker walled. This increased thickness not only improves the durability and alignment of our frames, but also provides a smoother, more damped ride compared to highly machined and relieved tubesets used in ultra-light frame production.

This 7005 material is also perfect for the small batch and custom operations of a specialty shop like ours. It allows us flexibility in the production process to create custom geometries and easily allows us to constantly upgrade frame features as new technologies and designs become available and possible. It also allows us to utilize our own machined pieces, like our new dropouts, bottom brackets, head tubes and bridges, without encountering difficulty in combining different alloys into a single frame or the need for extensive heat treating.

In short, we searched the industry and chose the best aluminum tubing we could find given our performance and ride quality goals for our bicycles and our commitment to small batch, custom operations. It's expensive and can be difficult to source at times, but it's been well worth the cost and occasional headaches.


When we decided to make a steel bike, we experimented with several different tubesets and alloys before we settled on the PegoRichie UOS version of the Columbus Niobium Spirit tubeset for the Cazzo. It's unnecessary to discuss all of the tubes we sampled and discarded, but suffice it to say, the UOS was a clear winner once we threw a leg over the first prototype. Our goal with the Cazzo was to make a steel bike that retained most of the ride quality elements of the Corsa but rendered in steel, with its own subtle but unmistakably steel-like character.

The UOS is a version of Columbus's top-tier chromoly tubeset that was co-designed by Richard Sachs and Dario Pegoretti. It was made to help usher in a new era of steel bicycle production - one in which the modern demands for low weight and high stiffness could be achieved without sacrificing the ride characteristics and construction methods that have been the heart of steel bicycles for nearly a century.

We procure the UOS tubesets from Richard Sachs, who, in turn, imports them from Columbus in Italy. We pair these tubes with Richard's custom cast steel dropouts.


We build all of our bicycles in Medford, Massachusetts in a facility that is part custom bicycle shop and part machine shop with impressive capabilities for such a relatively small operation. We currently build bicycles one at a time, each one treated as a custom bike built on a per-order basis.


Each frame, whether it's one of our many stock sizes or a complete custom frame, begins life as a CAD file that has been completed for each bicycle. These CAD files are labeled with serial numbers and the design elements follow each frame through the production process.


Each order starts with the tubes and stays, selected and moved to the production process, where each tube and stay is mitered - cut to ensure proper fitment.

Tubes are placed in the frame jig, which is set up for each individual frame's unique geometry. Fitment of the tubes is checked and double-checked before welding begins.

We work in steel and aluminum, which are very different materials in terms of welding. They behave differently when welded and each requires a different preparation, gas mixture and approach to weld speed and pattern. We use a welding system that is fully purged with Argon, an inert gas that displaces atmospheric gasses and ensures clean welds free from outside contamination.



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