A Visit with Seven Cycles

By: Jeremy Jo Oct 10

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The idea of American manufacturing often conjures up images of assembly line production, where parts by the thousands pass from worker to worker as they are transformed into uninspired, mass-produced goods. This type of manufacturing once defined American industry, and it’s hard to imagine that there are still companies out there who define themselves by giving individual attention to everything they make. Enter: Seven Cycles.

Based in Watertown, Massachusetts, Seven Cycles creates entirely custom titanium, steel, and carbon fiber bikes. With their fifteenth anniversary approaching in January, the folks at Seven have hand-crafted over 25,000 unique bicycles to date, each manufactured one at a time. Every custom frame is tailored specifically for its intended rider, where options like material choice, tube thickness and frame geometry are all tuned to deliver a distinct ride quality.

Starting out as raw tubing, the pieces of each bicycle go through the bending, machining, welding and paint process entirely within the confines of Seven’s 9,000 square foot manufacturing floor. Each frame is often in the hands of the same person through the entire process, bringing an unparalleled sense of ownership and pride to the final product. This type of work flow is only fitting for a company whose motto is, “One bike. Yours.”



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