A Stream, Golden, Of Consciousness; or Riding with Music

By: Matthew Karre Jan 27

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Simple backbeats seem to soothe me. That’s a great line. A simple but powerful alliteration that speaks volumes in just six words. First line on the album. Bravo. That guy’s talented, Chuck Regan. Hot Water Music was good, Black Top Cadence was better, though short lived. Is his solo stuff the best? Hmm. What difference does it make?

Makes me think of Cormac McCarthy, that first line. In two or three sentences he depicts the most brutal or tender images you’ve ever read. Amazing, despite his disdain for punctuation. I should reread The Road. Maybe Blood Meridian? Is it a reflection on my creativity when my internal monologue speaks in the style of the most recent author I’ve read? Vonnegut makes me say Middle West instead of mid-west. Funny. Or, in the case of HST, in the voice of Johnny Depp in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. It’s fun to talk that way, aloud or not. “We can’t stop here, it’s bat country.” Is Chuck Regan’s music country? Even if it’s sung by a guy from multiple “punk bands?” What about his musical complexity typically absent from “country” “music?” Could be a blog post there. Probably has been. It’s still raining. Not raining hard but very wet. A soaking rain, I’ve heard it called. I am soaked. A truly useful waterproof shoe cover does not exist. These are warm but my feet feel heavy and my socks will likely leave sloppy foot prints on the wood floors when I get home.

Ahh, At The Drive In. Fucking fantastic every time. Even better over the head phones, though after a dozen years of listening I still can’t make out most of the lyrics. “Belle Aire colonial deluxe number five/All the want that one can give/sheep’s skin costume on the truant officer.” Is that right? Sounds right. Makes no sense so it must be right. ATDI even have great initials. Not an acronym, though, as it does not spell anything. My favorite band. The one I’d pick if I could only listen to one band for the rest of time. Truly the best thing to come out of Texas. I’m sure there’s something else…nope, can’t think of anything.

Why have short, declarative sentences become the favorite son of marketers and branding folks? Lots of periods. Twitter? Text messages? (If so, no one made it this far.) I do like punctuation, despite my ignorance of a good deal of it. Short sentences, no space separation between words, little or no capitalization, and cryptic, meaningless lifestyle metaphors worthy of T-Shirt prose (written in small letters, no spaces and lots of periods). hipmarketingclassdismissed.

Decemberists? Who put this on here? Neoprene gloves no worky with iPod controls. Christ, these songs are hours long. Yep, still raining. Thanks for reminding me, Decemberists. Should I go up then over or just up then down? Finally, the pirates and whales and revenge song has ended. That’ll be the one I’m whistling in 2 hours. Painful. NEXT! Waffle. Good song, great title. SDRE. Figure it out. No mention of food in the lyrics perhaps it refers to waffle as a verb? Perhaps, Rabbit. Perhaps. I’ll go up then down. My feet are waffling between prunes and sea anemone. Hands are good. Neoprene gloves win. They smell of surfing, which is nice, though not terribly motivating at this juncture.

“Yeah, that’s the way things go somedays.” Houston: we have a drinking problem.



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