A Production Gallery, Part 1

By: Embrocation Nov 2

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Over the next couple weeks we're going to be publishing some features on our production facility and the people who fabricate our frames. We start first with Ricky DeFrancisco, who runs the shop. It's hard to find a limit to the things that Ricky does: He's a production manager, designer, tool maker, machinist, engineer and general purpose handyman.

Ricky runs the show, and also does a good amount of the fabrication on each Gaulzetti frame.

Polishing a head tube in preparation for welding.

Ricky burnishes a cut down tube to clean off all dirt and contaminants from the tube.

A box of raw tubes about to become a Corsa under Ricky's watchful eye and steady hand.

A Press Fit BB30 bottom bracket shell and a 44mm head tube are clean and polished and ready for welding.

A Corsa takes shape in the frame jig.

Seat stays are the last items to be fitted in the jig.

The sizeable 44mm head tube and wide diameter main tubes provide great surface area for clean, strong welds.

Ricky moves on to final machining a Corsa frame that has already been welded up.

A careful reaming of the bottom bracket provides perfect fitment for the variety of bottom bracket systems we use on the Corsa frame.

Ricky inspects a completed Corsa.

Ricky works on jigging a Corsa inside his welding area.

A freshly completed 54cm Corsa.

The newest Gaulzetti on display in Ricky's well-ordered production shop.

In addition to the fine work Ricky does with us, he also has a full machine and fabrication shop. When he's not building bikes he's making parts for the medical and aerospace industries as well as prototyping machines for MIT labs and other area businesses. He's a rare example of the younger generation of fabricators who approach frame building with a keen understanding of metallurgy, engineering and machining principles. The result is an attention to detail and remarkably sound, durable bicycles.



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