A Couple of Recent Corsa Bikes

By: Embrocation Jul 9

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These are two of the most recent Corsa framesets that have come through our Massachusetts facility.

The first is a custom 52cm Corsa built for a client who wanted a very unique and visible paint job. This features a pink, white and lime green "team" paint scheme that has been popular on our Corsa framesets. The lime green color is amazing and never photographs as well as it looks in person, where it has a iridescence and sparkle that pops in sunlight.

Lime Green, White and Pink make for a striking paint scheme.

This customer requested some slight modifications to our standard logo suite.

The second bike from this week is another custom Corsa, this time in a much larger size, with some unique internal cable routing. In this case, an internal battery for a Dura Ace Di2 build, thus omitting the somewhat clunky external battery mount on an otherwise internally-routed bike. The frame is a custom 59cm Corsa in our Navy Blue with Lime Green logos - one of our most classic, classy schemes.

A custom 59cm Corsa in Navy Blue with Lime Green logos. Classy.

A single Di2 wire protrudes from a small hole in the down tube, ready to be hooked up to the rest of the Dura Ace Di2 system.

Same deal for the front derailleur wire. We covered the leads with electrical tape to protect them from contamination during the build and shipping process.

The wire and battery unit tuck neatly into the top of the seat mast and completely disappear when the mast topper is added.

Pull the unit out just a little and you can access the charging port, which unclips to from the internal cables and into a specialty charger.

The full battery unit is remarkably compact and light. We used a simple foam donut to keep the battery secure and rattle-free inside the seat tube.

See here for more information on the Gaulzetti Corsa or Cazzo models. Contact us with any questions on these fine machines.



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