USGP Fort Collins with Jeff Curtes

By: At the Races Nov 18

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This is the first of a two part series from our very own Jeff Curtes (see above in the Embrocation kit.) Mr. Curtes was up to his old tricks once again at last weekends USGP in the snow covered fields of Fort Collins, Colorado. Tim Johnson took the win on the second day while Geoff Kabush surprised everyone with his first USGP win since the 2004 on the first. There are a few interesting shots in this selection, wait, who am I kidding? This has to be one of the most amazing PRO Cyclocross galleries that we have seen this year which is why it needed to be broken into two little golden nuggets of awesome. One to get you all excited and another to finish you off (in the pictorial sense.)

And while each and every photo that Curtes takes comes out amazing these photos (quadriptych?) of the start-line are straight up awesome.

To see the rider, Chris Jones in this case, go from a stand still to full bore racing is what you might call a fantastic transformation. Speaking of transformations the face that Tim Johnson is making (below) is when he switches over from darling to snarling on the course. Great job to everyone this past weekend.

Stay tuned for part two, but before that happens you should take a look at this video about how our pal Jeff Curtes makes magic for Burton. Jake Burton specifically.

To Be Continued…



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