USGP Derby City with Jeff Curtes

By: At the Races Nov 1

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Our man Jeff Curtes was our photog under fire once again for the USGP racing in Louisville, Kentucky a couple weeks ago. Not only was he there to preview the Worlds course, but also to hang with his brothers, and at the same time shoot some photos. Not a bad way to go, and his super-tight edit of the weekend’s racing has a lot to offer.

Jeremy Powers jumping the barriers? Check.

Chris Jones looking grand on his FOCUS Mares? Yes, that too.

Ryan Trebon doing justice to the color purple? Not sure what that even means, but the two up photo of Powers chasing him up, then down that switchback looks fucking fantastic.

With a flyover, the aforementioned switchback and enough dust to choke a dead horse, Louisville looks like the are ready to take this stage to the world level. Or have it come to them, as it were.



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