The Mechanic's View, with Tom Hopper

By: Josh Garlich Feb 29

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What does winning a national championship look like? From the spectator’s view, it’s a beautifully executed display of athleticism: picking the right lines, knowing both when to attack and when to sit in, but most of all having the legs to pull it off.

From the racer’s vantage point, its the ability to put together a solid race. The culmination of years of experience, sacrifice and hard work, together with the fewest mistakes possible.

But what about the mechanic’s perspective? What is it like to see the countless hours you’ve spent preparing the minutia of the machine, and your intense vigilance in the pit pay dividends in a high profile race? How does it feel to see the rider in whom you’ve invested so much finally achieve his goal of that elusive title? It’s shared triumph, a sense of elation, and a bond that might not be possible to express in words, but perhaps can be caught in the milliseconds between the open and close of a camera shutter.



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