A Battle in Sherwood Forest With Dan Sharp

By: At the Races Oct 22

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This coming weekend in Portland has the potential to be very very muddy. However, last weekend at the Sherwood Forest Equestrian Center (yes, really the name of the venue) Robin Hood (otherwise known as Ryan Trebon) could not be chased down by neither the Sheriff of Nottingham (Chris Sheppard) nor Maid Marrian (Molly Cameron.) Trebon came out and stomped around the Pacific Northwest in conditions that were decidedly un-PNW. Trebon, however he did not seem to mind.

After his 9th place finish early in the day photographer Dan Sharp stuck around to shoot the action. With the dust and the light coming in just right the cyclocross action at Sherwood was captured like you have never seen it before. And seeing as how this could be the last of this style of racing for a while, it works well as a tribute to those lung scorching days gone by. His photos encapsulate the variety that the course itself held. The dusty heat on the day was only but one of these features, which also included an extended run-up, a bit of a sketchy descent and then the long climb to the finish which claimed more than one victim.

See here for more about Dan and the rest of the Embrocation West Coast Team.



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