Search and State S1-J Jacket: Out of the Box

By: Brandon Feb 18

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I’m no stranger to the level of quality that Search and State provides. I’ve been riding in their S1-S riding shorts and S1-A riding jersey nearly a year now. The level of quality, fit, and features rivals all of the top labels. When you pair that with the fact that every piece is made in New York City you tick off all the pertinent boxes.

It was hard to contain my excitement when Embro HQ received the new S1-J riding jacket ($245 USD). Out of the box you can see the attention to details: Two-way waterproof zipper, large rear pocket, overlock seams. To us, pride and presentation can also heavily impress us, and Search and State did not disappoint. The weight is light, yet not flimsy, and it easily packs away into a jersey pocket. But perhaps the most interesting part of this jacket is the fabric. Search and State describes the C-Change fabric as "a bionic climate membrane that independently reacts to changing temperatures, closing when exposed to cold and opening in response to warmth."

That's a big claim, but what does it mean for you? They have that covered as well: "The S1-J traps heat when you need it, vents moisture as it's produced and will be the most versatile piece of technical apparel you own."

We were also happy to find a pair of S1-AW Arm Warmers ($48 USD) in the box. Though not as thick as some others, the material is exceptionally soft and, we're guessing, provide an excellent base layer.

Suffice to say I can’t wait to wear it on a few rides to see how well this space-age softshell performs. Big claims have been made, we fully intend to find out how well they've done. Over the course of the spring we'll be checking in periodically as the jacket and arm warmers make their way through the Embro staff and we share our thoughts on the pieces as well as comment on how they stack up against the claims from Search and State. Initial impressions are very positive.

photos by Joshua Alexandre Haines, words by Joshua Alexandre Haines and Brandon Elliott



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