The Last Few Races with Cory Grove

By: At the Races Oct 11

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Cory Grove sent these shots over not too long ago. Long enough for him to say something like “hey man, if you’re not going to use them…” But not long enough to justify not putting them up. I mean, they are awesome photos they need to be out there.

While it may be apparent that Cory is way more into puppies than the actual bike racing, which is totally cool with us by the way, he brings a unique skillet to the table. Which is actually a pretty useful thing to have. The actual word “skill-set” that I was looking for, turns out it doesn’t exist. In any case, part of Cory’s skill-set is that he used to be a snowboard photographer, so he is used to all the action. The other part is that he is the creator/founder/operator of the best hot-dog stand on Mt. Hood. Cobradogs His Flickr site is pretty amazing as well.

Battle at Barlow

First mud of the year. Like real mud, and it happened almost overnight. Thanks pacific northwest. That just means time to pull out the mudboots. What? Hunter? Doesn’t matter. Also a good place for callouts. Of all kinds. Mud. Slowness. Poops. Non-racers. Doesn’t even matter. The racers seen below are Mark Blackwelder (Gentle Lovers) and Steven Hunter (Embro) and J. Dunn (Embro).

Blind Date at the Dairy

Weekly series put on by Tony Kic (he gets air). Happens in the dark. Pretty scary and pretty scary fast out there. Plus it has that added sex appeal that you get when you give something a name like “Blind Date.” Now that is something to like. So is the fact that Steven Hunter is currently wearing the leaders jersey.


This one happens to be the first Cross Crusade race. Which around here is about as big a deal as you can get. Although, the Blind Date seems to be picking up steam, and happens in the dark, on a Wednesday. So, we shall see what happens there. This course was fast and dry, had an insane new back section, and maybe broke a few people. Maybe made men and women of them? Not sure. Editors Note: Bob really does look like himself on the Bob’s Red Mill packaging.



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