Reverse Futurity

By: Nathaniel Ward Apr 2

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In our sport.

Yes, Boonen won the hell out of Flanders yesterday, and we wish Fabian hadn’t hurt himself. The fact is, though, that living in the world we presently do, where the availability of information is so laughably disproportionate to want, need, or any other point in human history, we occasionally feel it’s worth slowing down, and considering some of what used to be, that paved the way for what exists today. The present is interesting, but generally predictable. This morning it seems that the past is where the potential exists for real surprises. Think about it.

It’s easy to get caught up in drinking the right coffee, wearing the right over-priced jeans, oiling your legs to a perfect sheen, and all of the other stuff we’re inclined to do, here in our demographic; but we like to think there is something to be gained by considering the art of cycling as a passion, craft, and pursuit that can elevate individual human experience, just a wee bit, as O’Bree might say.

To that end, let’s do some mental slow food today, and dig into parts I and II of a IV part BBC documentary series from 1994. Nearly 20 years ago, if you can believe it. There are bikes and racing in this video; but the key ingredient is passion, and a modernist zeal to imagine that there is more in front of us than we can see, more possible than we can imagine, and reasons for pushing hard against arbitrary boundaries that will be made clear to us later. Maybe.




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