Weekly Roundup #12: Resurrected footballers, the Canadian bike wars, Coffee and Lights.

By: Embrocation May 4

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Embrocation stockist of the week: On Your Left Cycles in Louisville, Kentucky. A little shop that oozes style and technical competence. These guys are gearing up big time for CX World Championships next year and they are highly worth a drop-in when you inevitably find yourself in Louisville for the big event next winter.

Unbelievable sports news: Pro footballer Fabrice Muamba suffered cardiac arrest on the football pitch during a game a few weeks back. Amazingly scary stuff. Props to the English broadcasters for not zooming in on the medical drama, but instead focusing on the reactions of the fans and painting a true portrait of the tense nature of that moment. More emotional even was Muamba's return a few weeks later to the same stadium.

Fat, Canadian news now: The mayor of Toronto has started cracking down on cyclists in his fair city. By cracking down we mean a couple things: 1) systematically removing existing or denying future cycling infrastructure in the city and 2) launching a war of words against cyclists. It's the sort of backwards thinking we unaccustomed to hearing from our neighbors to the north and raises an interesting series of arguments. The "roads are for buses, trucks and cars" argument does not hold much water, especially from a big city mayor, whose main responsibility should be to make his city run more efficiently. Roads are REALLY for conveying people and goods from point A to point B. Try driving in any major metropolitan area during rush-hour. Chances are you'll mainly see individual drivers in cars (look at slide number 11) and SUV's, slogging nought but their own bodies through heavy traffic, from work to home.

Alright, off of our high horse.Can you see me now?

Maybe it's those silly chainrings he uses, but Wiggins continues to dominate.No, the hair is not to be overlooked, as we've said before; but will we be seeing more World Tour riders on Osymetric rings soon? Likely.

On the domestic racing scene, some friends of ours have been making good on their collective long-speculated potential, and winning big boy races down south.A good portion of the team is from New England, and we've watched these kids grow up. Except Myerson, he's watched us grow up. For both reasons, we're TMK fans, and we're super happy to see them winning, and winning clean. Good work, lads.

Last, but not least... we just received a new shipment of Embrocation Whole Bean Coffee in one pound, sealed cans. For the next week, when you buy a can of coffee, you can also get an Embrocation Travel Mug for 50% off. It's a good way to get some tasty caffeine delivered to the system quickly and stylishly.

That's it for this week. Keep pedaling.



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