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By: Brandon Aug 5

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When it comes to 'cross tires, tubular is where it's at. Low pressure, huge grip, no pinch flats. But what fun are CX tires that get pumped out of a huge factory? That's not the Embro Way.

If you were to ever find your way into a pit at a World Cup race, let's say in Koksijde or Namur, you'll find yourself surrounded by handmade tubular tires, most likely coming from one of two sources.

Our tire of choice comes out of Francois' factory in Northern France. Though, "factory" is a funny word in this instance, with only a couple of sets of hands ever touching your tires. But, let's say that's not enough, you need something more substantial than the ethereal beauty of a handmade tire. Francois seals his tires from the factory, which adds some very significant longevity to your new tires. The durability is greatly improved and installation times decreased because you no longer have the step of adding Aquaseal to your sidewalls.

Next major step after deciding on FMB tires? Tread choice. We can help there....

SSC Slalom

FMB's newest tread melds the shoulder of the Super Mud with the center tread of the standard SSC. A tire that rolls fast but has massive grip in virtually all conditions.

SSC Sprint

The tire of speed freaks in dry conditions. File tread center with SSC shoulder knobs to add cornering grip. Blazingly fast in grass and hardpack without feeling like you're cornering on ice like some other file treads.

SSC Super Mud

Grip everyone, rail everything. A tire that will not slip, slide, or slow you down with the conditions take a turn toward the slop

Grippo XL (white tread)

The tire when you need to run one tread all year. Grip and speed all in one, it's a tread that won't quit, from September through January.

$125/tire, $115/tire when buying 2 or more.

Now $99/tire when buying 2 or more through the end of October or until stock is gone!

SSC Slalom and SSC Sprint SOLD OUT

Each FMB order will include an Embro Logo T, just let us know your size in the notes during checkout.

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photos by Adrien Levinger, words by Brandon Elliott



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