Embro Edition Butter B1

By: Brandon Mar 4

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Tools are very important to us here at Embro HQ. Sure, they help us build some absolutely beautiful bikes, but tools also give us the power to maintain them as well. Some of our tools are very basic: a bent spoke to help fishing out internal wires or some kitchen shears to leave a perfectly cut end to our bar tap.

Not every tool we covet is simple. The Wheel Fanatyk Digital Tensiometer, the P&K Lie wheel truing stand, or our Chris King hub tools come to mind. Tools that had extreme care and thought put into them to create a perfectly functioning piece. In our eyes, when a tool reaches these levels of design and functionality, it becomes more than just a tool, it's now conversation piece, even art.

The guys over at Butter have taken what used to be a very basic and boring tool from the bottom of your toolbox and created a piece of art, crafted in Boulder, CO, to their exacting specifications. The B1 is not brand new, it's been available from Butter for some time, but they've stepped up their laser etching game for Embro and kicked out these limited-edition versions for us.

The B1 is a simple tool, it clamps into your drive-side dropout when your rear wheel is removed to keep your chain off of your frame. Be it for travel or repair, the B1 functions perfectly and looks beautiful.

A pre-order will be coming soon enough for these. If you have interest, contact us here and we'll put you on the contact list do you can be at the head of the line when these come available.

photos and words by Brandon Elliott



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