Photo Gallery: Downer Classic

By: Josh Garlich Jul 12

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The Tour of America's Dairyland is a true classic here in the States. It's a series of hard-fought races in America's heartland. Our man Josh Garlich was on the ground, partaking of the scene, watching the racing and eating the sausage. View on...


Impressions of Milan: Stage 21 of the Giro D'Italia

By: Jeremy Jo May 14

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Here at Embrocation, we count ourselves lucky to have a lot of friends, and most of those friends have interesting words and images to share from their bike racing travels all around the globe. We are continually amazed at both how small and how tightly knit our community is, even though those two factors have a lot to do with why we are here, doing what we do. From time to time we get lucky, and a new friend pops out of the woodwork with a new perspective to share. This week that someone was New England photographer Jeremy Jo, who reached out to share his unique vision of the final stage of the Giro D’Italia, the stage 21 time trial in Milan, won by David Millar. Look for more contributions from Jeremy in the near future, and enjoy the view.

*All images courtesy of Jeremy Jo, all rights reserved. *Originally published 6/2011


Tour of The Battenkill Gallery

By: Embrocation Apr 18

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Finally, after years of gaining notoriety, being over-hyped then maligned, ignored by some, revered by many, the Tour of The Battenkill has become its own point of reference in American bike racing. It is now more comparable to itself, and its own previous editions, than to anything else. If you think about it, that’s the ultimate accomplishment for any event.

Dave Chiu was our man on the ground this year, and as always, he managed to capture the grit, the grime, the grinta, and yes, the grey of upstate New York in spring.



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