By: Workshops May 28

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Remember that nerdy kid in high school who fully embraced his nerdiness and confidently expressed it openly? Remember how somehow he was so nerdy, and so confident about it that he ended up being cool, and dating the really hot, popular chick? Yeah… that guy. Geekhouse Bikes is kind of like the bicycle industry version of that guy. Marty at Geekhouse fully embraces his inner geek – he sponsors a cyclocross team that has the ugliest kits imaginable, shows up the NAHBS in a Starfleet uniform, sports the appropriately ironic facial hair and has developed quite a following and fan-base in the last couple years. It doesn’t hurt that he makes some really nice rigs.


Villin Cycleworks

By: Workshops Feb 19

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Owned and operated by Alexis Dold and Joe Marchionno in Gainesville, Florida Villin Cycleworks specializes in hand-made machines where flourishes and artistic creativity are the norm – if you can call anything about what they do normal.


NFG Cycles

By: Workshops Feb 5

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NFG Cycles is one of the up-and-comers of the New England bicycle scene. Located just next door to Spooky Bikes in Easthampton, MA, NFG is the brainchild of Niall Gengler, a talented, passionate and driven young builder who brings focus to machining and metalwork to make extremely high-quality, functional machines. Keep an eye out for Niall’s bikes, forks and stems gaining prominence among those who appreciate fine workmanship.


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