Bikes of butterGOLD: Pete Smith's Mosaic RT-1

By: Brandon Apr 28

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We love handmade bikes. The care, the passion, the expertise that goes into each one touches us. Mosaic Cycles goes so many steps further with their perfect welds and their impeccable finish work.

Pete Smith of Mad Alchemy fame was riding this Mosaic RT-1 in all of it's oversized titanium goodness. Quite literally one of the most beautiful bikes I have ever seen, it's finished with SRAM Red, with the Wi-Fli rear derailleur for the steep pitches Pete sees on a regular basis riding around Boulder.

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Further finishing kit on Pete's bike shows that as much care and planning was put into the parts hung onto the frame as the frame itself. A tapered ENVE fork was finished matte black to perfectly compliment the Mavic Ksyrium SLR wheels. Bars and stem were both pieces from 3T, KCNC provided the seatmast topper.

Clearly titanium provides that magical ride that so many builders taut because Pete rode this thing like he was a wooden track even when hammering over washboard gravel. The Michelin Pro4 Endurace tires in 25c measured a healthy 26mm+, but they were nothing compared to what a number of guys had on their cyclocross bikes, yet Pete seemed to be quite happy with his setup.

photos and words by Brandon Elliott


Brandon to Boulder: Day 1

By: Brandon Apr 25

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1,050 miles behind me, and the Rockies immediately in front of me, I've landed in Boulder. The trip was thankfully quite uneventful, save for my stop last night.

As I rolled into Colorado, I started to get tired. Night had fallen, I still had 200 miles ahead of me, so I decided to find a spot to sleep. The first few hotels I came across seemed to me to be overpriced for their offerings, then I tumbled across a listing for The Sedgwick Antique Inn and with a call in to confirm there were rooms available, I exited highway 76.

Coming into this sleepy town after nightfall I didn't quite realize how small it was. I was greeted at the door by Lupe, who explained that she had purchased the ex-bank about 12 years ago and converted it to the Inn that it is today. After a brief tour of the lobby I was shown to my room, consisting of two beds, a couple of chairs, and a dresser.

The entire place had a very farm-house feel to it, and if you're easily creeped out by something so rustic, this place surely isn't for you. I could go on for hours about this place, but I feel I'd be pitching the wrong light. It was actually quite quaint and well worth the $25/night asking price.

7:00 am came quickly and I was on my way. The town bar/liquor store/barber, was pretty quiet as you can see above.

Only about 2 hours from Boulder, I shot straight west and parked just off of the CU campus when I arrived. No more than 10 minutes later and I was kitted up and on my bike. North on Broadway and west on Baseline, I made a beeline to Flagstaff. Nothing about me makes me a good climber, but living in flatlandia leaves me craving mountain rides, so up I went......


Brandon to Boulder: Intro

By: Brandon Apr 24

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This was thrown together pretty last minute. Though, to me, last minute means I did have a couple of weeks to plan. Typically traveling with kids means plans are made months in advance, but when it's a solo road trip, not a ton of planning is really needed.

It was only about 2 weeks ago that I learned about butterGOLD, a ride put on by Michael Robson of Butter. Designed as a sort of Gentleman's Race, dubbed a course civilisée, butterGOLD is a 160km (100mi) ride leaving from the Butter Studio and hitting as much gravel as the course will allow.

As much a celebration of the Spring Classics as it is a ride, I couldn't miss the chance to join in. With the wife giving me the green light, work commitments covered by an exceptionally understanding coworker, and lodging offered up by the ride organizer himself, I was off.

Time will tell how this ride goes for a flatlander coming from sea level, but no doubt it'll be fun. The plan is to sit in the pack, out of the wind, and pretend like I belong there for as long as possible.......we shall see.


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