Weekly Round-up for October 5th, 2012

By: Embrocation Oct 5

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A nice graphic showing some bicycle trail / path infrastructure in the US. Urban bicycle-specific infrastructure is the key to developing cycling as a true alternative to other forms of transportation in urban settings. Good food for thought here.

On a related note: Some total BS from our own town. So what's the big deal here? Total and complete lack of empathy for our fellow human beings, it would seem...

I like it. Why? What’s not to like: lasers coming out of bicycles and chemical brothers just about seal the deal for us.

Chemical Brothers 'Velodrome' - London 2012 from Crystal CG on Vimeo.

Another day, another loser. This is getting tiring.

Drama and intrigue in another endurance sport. This is going to blow up and in a weird way, it's actually kind of comforting to see that bicycle racing isn't the only sport constantly suffering from image issues related to various forms of cheating.

When Il Sceriffo (The Sheriff) speaks, we listen. Especially when he says "Via dal mio prato, bambini!"

For real, Bike Rumor? This is your bike for testing pro-level parts? How do you sleep at night? Well, probably in one of these, by the looks of it.

Excited to throw a leg over one of these bad boys in a couple weeks. Bold move of Merckx to offer their top-level frameset compatible only with electronic shifting drivetrains. Way of the future?

Product Pick of the week: Gore Ride-On Cables. We've been using these on SRAM, Shimano and Campy bikes for the past couple years with very pleasing results. Too bad that Gore is going to stop production. We've also been pleased with Yokozuna cables in the past, but these have been tougher to get ahold of.

Random photo of the week and the lastest in our series, "What Happens at Monumental Bike Race Finish Lines When There's No Race, Battenkill Edition: Thanks to Dieter for this one.

And what to do after you procure a truckload of meat? Ride your bike of course. Do it. Do it now.


Di2 Special

By: Embrocation Sep 23

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It's no secret that Shimano is poised to release new versions of their Dura Ace group next year, including a new Di2 version. We're still a few months away from that product release, but for now, we still have the current generation Di2 in stock for use on complete bike builds. As of today, we are offering a limited 10% discount offer on any complete bicycle built with either Dura Ace or Ultegra Di2 parts kits. If you're cool with getting a screaming deal on parts that are soon-to-be 'last generation' parts, then this is a great opportunity for you.

Products subject to this discount are any complete bikes for which we offer a complete specification with Di2 parts. This includes:

To order, contact us or place an order online and use the discount code embrodi2 in the shopping cart to apply the discount.

The fine print: This offer is good from September 25th through October 12th, 2012. Some items may be out of stock upon order, but we don't anticipate any problems filling orders. Substitutions to some kit specifications may be allowed where possible, but we reserve the right to keep all kit specs as they are listed. Normal lead-times apply.

Please CONTACT US if you would like to discuss the details of any of our products or if you would like to place an order off-line.


Weekly Round-up: September 21st

By: Embrocation Sep 21

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Last week we had a little Star Wars riff here on the Round Up. Judging by the feedback we're considering scrapping all this bike business and running a Star Wars fan website. Sigh. Anyway, watch this and turn up the volume:

Met the girl, met the bike, ditched the girl, kept the bike. Beautifully familiar.

Avon Celli e L’Eroica from WP on Vimeo.

Freddy's wonderful voice attached to people more attractive than Freddy.

adidas | Team GB Don't Stop Me Now from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Hey JTL, good job on your super awesome major victory (first Brit to win the Tour of Britain). However you sure look like a roadie version of Vin Diesel.

Product Pick of the Week: Selle Italia Superflow saddle. Judge if you want, but this thing is amazingly comfortable.

Good article from our friends down under on their experience with Osymetric Rings. We just got a restock ourselves.

An entertaining train wreck of bicycle design and branding. God help you if you use skulls in your logo and your brand has nothing to do with motorcycles or metal... Comments section is actually pretty interesting to read the various reactions. Kind of a cross-section of the cycling public on display.

You think your team keeps it tight? Please.

Very sad news out of the Basque region this week. RIP Cabedo. Please, be safe out there, readers.


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