Villin Cycleworks

By: Workshops Feb 19

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Owned and operated by Alexis Dold and Joe Marchionno in Gainesville, Florida Villin Cycleworks specializes in hand-made machines where flourishes and artistic creativity are the norm – if you can call anything about what they do normal.


NFG Cycles

By: Workshops Feb 5

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NFG Cycles is one of the up-and-comers of the New England bicycle scene. Located just next door to Spooky Bikes in Easthampton, MA, NFG is the brainchild of Niall Gengler, a talented, passionate and driven young builder who brings focus to machining and metalwork to make extremely high-quality, functional machines. Keep an eye out for Niall’s bikes, forks and stems gaining prominence among those who appreciate fine workmanship.


Spooky Bicycles

By: Workshops Jan 19

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Spooky Bicycles is New England-based operation whose star is on the rise. They have two facilities: one in Easthampton, MA and one in Medford, MA. Ricky DeFrancisco runs the Medford operation, which handles machining and tooling projects for the business. Ricky’s into bikes, but he might be more passionate about the machines that make them – each one has a story, a unique history and temperament.


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