A Production Gallery, Part II

By: Embrocation Apr 1

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This is Curtis. Curtis is a master welder responsible for the beautiful welds that hold together the tubes of each Gaulzetti Corsa. When he's not welding our bikes, Curtis is welding for the aerospace industry, working with aircraft grade materials in sterile environments, having his welds examined by X-Rays to ensure their quality and soundness. He has also been welding bikes for decades and was one of the original fabricators at the legendary Merlin Metalworks, back in the day. When Curtis applies his considerable welding talents to our robust 7005 Dedacciai tubes he produces perfect beads that are aesthetically pleasing and incredibly strong. It's a thing of beauty to behold and the results speak for themselves:


Gallery: Custom Corsa with Dura Ace 9000

By: Embrocation Feb 28

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We love a bike with a good story behind it. More than this we love knowing that bike we build is going to ridden often and ridden hard. This is a case where both are true. This bike belongs to a cyclist who originally contacted us last fall. Like most of our customers, he had some racing experience and felt that his recent bikes, while light and stiff, lacked true race geometry and more importantly, were bereft of the visceral feel and soul of the bikes he had liked most during his racing career.

The design process for this custom build was easy once we had the desired fit parameters in hand. Like many of our custom bikes, this ended up being a slightly modified version of one of our stock geometries, in this case a 58cm with a 1cm reduction in head tube length and a corresponding adjustment to the c-c seat tube measurement.

The paint choice was a different story and proved to be the most complicated aspect of this frameset project, as is so often the case. To make a long story short, we ended up taking some inspiration from this cyclist's first real road bike when he was a kid, in this case a Cannondale SR400. We essentially applied this color palette to what we have come to call our "Team" paint scheme. This was not a project of retrogression; it was fulfillment of an experienced cyclist's desire for an American-made race machine with an aesthetic inspiration from said rider's youth.

The build on this bike reflects its intended use, which is a full season of riding and racing here on the east coast, with all our decaying infrastructure, unpredictable weather and variable road conditions. Full specs on this bike:

  • Frame: Custom 58cm
  • Fork: Enve Composites Tapered Road
  • Wheels: Ambrosio Nemesis rims, Royce Hubs, Sapim CX Ray Spokes - built by Luxe Wheelworks
  • Gruppo: Dura Ace 9000 mechanical, full group
  • Handlebar: Ritchey Curve Classic
  • Stem: Ritchey WCS Classic
  • Saddle: Fizik Antares in Chalk White
  • Tires: Challenge Strada 700x25 Tubulars
  • Bar Tape: Fizik Microtouch in blue
  • And in the end, did it fit the bill? Well, we got a short note from the rider about a week after he received the bike. It read, simply: "Sublime. That is a bike made to race."

    More information on all Gaulzetti bicycle models can be found here. As always, feel free to Contact Us for information on any of our products.


The Quiver, Part One

By: Embrocation Feb 20

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Statement of Purpose | Gaulzetti Models | Gallery | Inquire

We're all familiar with the concept of cyclocross racers having a collection of bikes to survive a season of rough and various conditions. We have to admit that we're enamored with the concept of having a couple road bikes at our disposal to tackle a full season of riding, training or racing.

Here's the scene. Two bikes: One for training that will receive 90% of your miles in all sorts of terrible conditions, that will be used, abused, not cleaned often or well enough - you don't care how much it weighs and you're not too concerned by the vintage or matchiness of its parts. The other bike is your race machine and bears the higher-end parts package, the race wheels, the light bits and pieces. You break this one out when you pin on a number, maintain it fastidiously to keep it working optimally.

The key to establishing the quiver is to make sure the bikes are identical in geometry and extremely similar in ride quality and handling. Switching to the alpha bike for races or rides cannot be an experience that requires adjustment or acclimation. Switching bikes needs to be accomplished without thought or prevarication.

This is the perfect example of the quiver in action. This rider requested two Gaulzettis, one Corsa and one Cazzo, built with identical geometry and nearly identical paint schemes. The Cazzo will be the daily rider; the workhorse that will absorb the bulk of the miles. The Corsa will be the race machine, tuned to perform and given the appropriate build kit to play the part.

We'll bring you some updates on these bikes as the builds progress and the riding begins.

More information on all Gaulzetti bicycle models can be found here. As always, feel free to Contact Us for information on any of our products.


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