Bespoke Builds - Black and Gold IF SSR

By: Brandon Jul 16

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Up next in our Bespoke Builds series is a bike out of Studio Velo in Mill Valley, CA. Founder Scott Penzarella sent on the photos and a brief story behind the bike and it's finish from the new owner:

After switching to a carbon fiber bike (Cyfac) after 20 years of steel bikes, including custom bikes from Otis Guy and Paul Taylor, I decided to try one of the new generation of steel cycles.

Guided by the experts at Studio Velo in Mill Valley, I chose Independent Fabrication to build a frame from the newly developed stainless steel tubing. As always, choosing a paint scheme is a challenge.

As a classic car enthusiast, I have painted my bikes the colors of famous race cars from the 60’s & 70’s. The black with gold colors were found on the John Player Special sponsored cars of the 70’s.

John Player was a British cigarette company and they were identified by their distinctive Black and gold box.

Fortunately I was able to see and photograph an original car, driven by Mario Andretti, that provided the inspiration for the Indy-Fab. The result is a classic look for a traditional steel frame.

The bicycle may look traditional, but the lightness. performance and components are cutting edge and the ride confirms that “steel is real”.

photos and words courtesy of Studio Velo


Bespoke Builds - Belgian Blue Gaulzetti Cabron

By: Brandon Jul 10

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Custom, handmade bikes stir our souls. There's nothing quite like the ride of a bike tailor-made for you. Gaulzetti Cicli eschews the norm and builds what they consider the best race bike they can make, and in turn create something very beautiful.

This build is a stock 60cm Cabrón in Belgian Blue with pearl white logos. The frame is Gaulzetti's own custom mix of aluminum tubing, with a Chris King Inset 7 pressed into frame holding the ENVE tapered CX fork.

The build kit is a mix of exotic, Shimano Ultegra Di2, and reasonable, Shimano CX70 cantilever brakes. Handbuilt wheels made by yours truly comprise the rolling stock, DT Swiss 350 hubs laced to Pacenti SL23 rims, 28h front and rear.

The cockpit goes reasonable with FSA components, but is capped with a custom front brake hanger made of carbon and our very own custom bar tape. This bike will see a lot of training miles on gravel and the road as well as more than it's fair share of CX course action.

photos and words by Brandon Elliott


Meet Our Makers - Senior Staff Photographer

By: Brandon Jun 29

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I’m Joshua. Can’t remember a time when a bike wasn’t the most important thing in my life. I used my first BMX bike to race every kid in my neighborhood. When I was 12 I started competing in XC mountain bike events and I plastered my bedroom walls with every picture of John Tomac and Julie Furtado I could rip out of Mountain Bike Action. The dirt is in my blood, which explains why I dedicate most of my time to being a solid mid-pack finisher in local cyclocross events.

I make my living as an editorial/commercial fashion photographer but I secretly long to bike camp for the rest of my days. I dig riding on the road and sometimes I do alright on a club ride, though mostly I just want to be King of the Café Stop. Got my sights set on a Euro relocation in the coming years so I can get destroyed by skinny Belgians.

Few things make me happier than Mexi-Cokes, Banh Mi, stroopwafels, and making my own Chamois Cream. Embrocation has been kind enough to allow me to bring my skills of making people look fantastic to the table and I even designed a bidon for them. I’m affectionately referred to as “Art School” around the HQ due to my penchant for using words like penchant. I feel like this nickname is justified.

Pros: Has a deep bag of L series lenses, mega-handy with an Aeropress, very charming. (edit: allegedly - BE)

Cons: Went to art school, self-deprecating, uses vscocam way too much, listens to Rush.

You can view my work at joshahaines which helps my Google analytics.

Thank you for your time.

graphic by Grayson Smith


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