My 20/20 Challenge Begins

By: Brandon Dec 6

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It's time to get back on the horse. If you've followed along, you may have known I've been off of the bike for a bit, I talked about it a little here.

Reading my previous post you might be a bit surprised to hear I am going to start tracking fitness again. There's a reason, though: I'm a numbers geek. I'm not going to be tracking watts to prep for any racing any time soon, rather just to give myself some benchmarks and goals. Much of my training has been indoors recently and may very well be in the future, so tracking fitness will hopefully give me some motivation.

More to the point of what I'm doing, though. After a few months off of the bike I've gotten fat. Not the kind of fat that people stare at (I don't think), but I've put far more weight on than is comfortable for me. As an adult, the lightest I've ever been was about 170lbs, which at 6'1" and not built like a climber, was pretty slim for me. I think 175-180 should be easily attainable for me, though.

At my peak, my 20min power was about 325w, give or take, if I remember correctly. After my time off of the bike, that would be tough for 5 min now.

So here's the goal: 180lbs and 280w for 20 min by 3/1/15. Not exactly losing 20lbs, and not exactly gaining 20w, but both pretty close, and I both fully attainable. I'll be using a Stages powermeter for most of my riding, and while indoors I've picked up a Cycleops Power Beam Pro to keep me motivated and tracking progress.

I'll be posting along the way about rides as well the gear I'm using to get to my goals.

But look, this is really about one thing, not being fat. Feeling the extra weight I'm carrying around is uncomfortable, it's awkward. I don't really care if I'm a ton faster when this is done, but I want to be healthier, and I want to feel better.

Follow along, let's see where this goes, yeah?


Rogue Velo Racing

By: Brandon Dec 2

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A while back we hinted at a new project, and after some serious delays, we're finally ready to get started with that. Here at Embrocation we're fortunate enough to have a really solid group of people who visit on the regular. By all accounts you're a nice bunch who really love cycling, and we're hoping that you would like to see the sport grow.

We've thought about this long and hard, and we truly believe the way to grow cycling is to involve the youngest generations, get them on bikes and keep them there. Which brings me to the point of this post, Rogue Velo Racing. They are going to be the first in our "program", a pilot of sorts. It works like this:

In conjunction with Rogue Velo Racing, we've designed a pair of socks. For the month of December, every pair of Rogue Velo socks we sell, we're going to give $4 back to the team in support of their junior program. We trust the team management will put the funds we raise to good use, either equipment, training programs, or travel. Whatever little bit we can do to help is our goal.

We'll have the socks set to launch tomorrow, until then though, here is what Eric Crandell had to say about their team:

Rogue Velo Racing – based in Chesapeake, VA. Founded in 2012. We are primarily a cyclocross-focused team with a current roster of 40 members – and we cover everything from the 9-14 juniors field to the 55+ Masters. We are the defending Virginia Cyclocross Series champions, and are already 1200+ points up on a distant 2nd place for the 2014 season.

We have multiple Virginia BAR (Best All Around Rider) champions in our ranks, and currently have a number of our members leading their respective categories for the 2014 CX season.

We have an extremely talented junior squad, with reigning BAR champions, and a couple more currently in the lead in their respective age group categories. Our junior team captain, Chris Lloyd was the National Junior Triathlon champion a couple of years back, and is now competing nationally in the elite category (when he isn’t killing it in CX or road racing). Most importantly – we are a family focused team with moms, dads, and juniors all racing together. It’s definitely not uncommon to see 7-8 RVR racers of all ages and genders piling out of a Suburban or Expedition at some state park or road event.

We go everywhere, and we go in numbers.

That's Rogue Velo in a nutshell. We're hoping to be able to provide a little bit of a support for the team with your help. Through December we'll be profiling some of their junior racers, learning a bit more about their contributions to the team and what makes them tick. Stay tuned.

Even though CX is our passion, most of our folks all race MTB and road as well – if there’s a bike race somewhere nearby, we’ve got at least someone traveling to it. Most of all, we are definitely about having fun – if you aren’t having fun, then why do it? That’s Rogue Velo.


Collectif Parlee --Épisode #0

By: Brandon Nov 19

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Would you look at that. Right after I post about how we don't share content from others very often, I go and do it again. So like me.

With that said, I couldn't pass up sharing this little video that came to us from a reader named Charles, it's a video put together about the cafe ride. After my previous post on how my riding has changed, which can be found here, this video hit home. The feeling of getting on the road with your thoughts, just you and your bike, that's where I am in regards to riding right now. No competition, no scheduled workouts, just time spent pushing the pedals.

Now, enjoy this video. I know i did.

Collectif Parlee --Épisode #0-- english sub from Thomas Rinfret on Vimeo.


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