Embrocation Gaulzetti Corsa - Gen 1

By: Brandon Jan 31

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Over here we have something new in the works. It's no secret we love our Gaulzetti's, and the Corsa stands at the top currently. Our love for steel will never die, and the Cazzo stands in a league of it's own. But when it comes to building a Gaulzetti for ourselves, the Corsa seems to always find it's way to the head of the line.

Final details are only a few weeks out, with the first Embrocation Edition Corsa frames rolling out this spring. We have a few slots open for the first round of frames, CONTACT US if this is a project that gets you as excited as it gets is.


Gaulzetti Gamecock

By: Brandon Nov 14

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We had this frame, it was the prototype and photo bike. The Gamecock normally rolls with Ultegra 6800 and Easton wheels. Well, we had a 9000 group and some killer wheels ready for it, so on they went. She'll get her maiden voyage this weekend racing out in Chicago, I can't imagine it'll be coddled. The build was a breeze, as you'd expect. The frame was perfectly reamed and faced out of the box, the King headset and Parlee BB pressed in exactly as you'd want. With parts hung on the frame and cables run, we took the bike for a short ride to bed the brakes. While the TRP Spyre may give just a little up to the hydro disc systems, lever feel and power were both better than any other mechanical disc I've ridden to date. More of a report to come once this bike gets flogged a time or two.....


Corsa Disc

By: Embrocation Apr 12

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In our minds, the jury is still out on the viability of the disc brake road bicycle, at least as an alternative to caliper brakes for road racing applications. We're exploring that concept right now as we collect data in support of our Road Disc Brake series. This Corsa is our test bike that we'll be using for that article series. It's a standard Corsa in every respect, just built around a disc brake platform.

This bike is a stock 51cm frameset with Enve's disc version of its Tapered Road Fork and a Chris King I7 headset in navy blue. Just for fun, we've painted this up with a custom Candy Blue color that is more vibrant than we had anticipated. Logos are our standard Embro Green color. More on this bike and the disc brake series coming soon.

More information on all Gaulzetti bicycle models can be found here. As always, feel free to Contact Us for information on any of our products.


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