Bespoke Builds - Field Cycles Road

By: Brandon Dec 12

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Field Cycles may not be a household name in the US, but that clearly isn't for good reason. Founded by Harry Harrison, he told me a little story about where Field came from:

I set Field up about five years ago and build the frames and generally keep things moving then my pal from Art college John Burke paints the frames and Tom Smith does the design and photography. We work really well together each completely focusing at their own bit of the puzzle and pushing for the most beautiful bike we can possibly make!

I started to build frames because I love cycling, I love making things and it just sort of joined up in my shed one day - I knew I would never be able to justify spending a fortune on a bike so I thought I had better make one if I want one, I have always looked at beautiful things with a view to making them rather than owning them!

It's a simple thought I think many of us have had, but clearly some of us (Harry and his team) are better at actually completing the vision.

Without getting all wound up in stories, I can't help but to want to learn more about Field as we stay in touch with them and get photos of more of their builds. My hope is to one day that they get a larger presence in the US so we can see these things in person.

Thank you to Harry and the rest of the Field Cycles crew, and here's to hoping a lot more of their bikes make their way into our pages.

photos by Tom Smith and words by Brandon Elliott


Bespoke Builds - Zio's Baum Corretto

By: Brandon Nov 14

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Above Category spends plenty of time gracing our pages, and rightfully so. This Baum Coretto deserves every last glance it gets, though it may not get the attention it deserves. You see, this Corretto has a mate at home, which we featured in Volume 10. Yes, you got that right, Zio has built two absolutely stunning Baum frames into some of the best riding bikes on the planet.

Clearly the paint screams, yet somehow by the touch of Baum, it's not overwhelming. How that is, I have no idea. But the way Baum has mixed in the touches of black along with the bare titanium on the rear, the contrast somehow keeps this bike from going over the top.

Built with nothing less than Shimano's top-tier Dura-Ace 9070 Di2 and ENVE Smart 6.7 wheels, the complete bike is something of a dream build. A painted-to-match ENVE stem and seatpost keeps everything tied together.

It's almost as if Above Category is in some sort of challenge we aren't privy to. Like they've decided that each build they do has to go slightly further over the top than the last. Take it to another level. Kudos to these guys, they are killing it right now.

photos by Above Category and words by Brandon Elliott


Bespoke Builds - Parlee CX with 9070 Di2

By: Brandon Nov 10

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Velosmith certainly isn't unfamiliar with the pages of Embrocation, but this one belongs to Tony, the guy fitting up some of the most beautifully understated bikes on the road. More amazing than just this custom build is that it's going on it's 3rd season of CX racing. Back from a refresh from Parlee and off of a dirty gravel ride, Tony let me nab his bike long enough for some quick pictures.

Built with nothing less than Shimano's top-tier Dura-Ace 9070 Di2 and ENVE Smart 3.4 wheels. A full ENVE cockpit keeps it tidy and matching perfectly.

This is one hell of a build coming out of one hell of a shop. If you're ever around the northern suburbs of Chicago, Velosmith is a can't miss stop.

photos and words by Brandon Elliott


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