Giro Empire ACC Limited Edition - Sepia

By: Brandon 04/18/2014

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I'm a sucker for limited edition stuff. The marketing behind it got my years ago when collecting baseball cards, I guess. Summers spent ripping packs open to find that signed card, something with gold leaf, or maybe even a Frank Thomas error card. Whatever it was, it has stuck with me, and now lives on through cycling.

Probably the only draw almost as strong as something limited edition are great shoes. I love shoes. It's been more than once that I've been called "Imelda", though that is of course a stretch.

Last year Giro brought out the Empire LTD MTB shoes, and I was in love. Having worn the Empire on the road, I was absolutely sold on the construction and fit, having them in the dirt was a no-brainer. Unfortunately I was only able to grab a single pair of those shoes, so I rarely wear them.

This year, Giro decided to pay homage to the past with the Empire ACC in Sepia Leather. While they've done a few other limited runs of Empires for the road in the past, the others haven't quite fit my style: electric blue and white/gold. Though, looking back, I really should have snagged those blue ones....

Here's the beautiful part: we are hoping to stock the Sepia Leather Limited Edition Empire in the near future. Of course sizes and quantities will be limited, that probably goes without saying. If you've never tried on the Empire, I can safely say you're missing out. I was initially drawn to them, even in their stock colors, because of the style. But once lacing them up, it was obvious the advantages of a one-piece upper, the laces allow for huge adjustability, and they are silly-light.

For now, just admire these. The color is spot on, the delivery with their bag and tool roll was spot on, and of course the fit is second-t0-none.

photos and words by Brandon Elliott


Gaulzetti - Embro Edition

By: Brandon 04/13/2014

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With our close ties and love affair with Gaulzetti, it was only a matter of time before we brought out another Embro Edition bike. They've been done in the past for the Embro Racing Team, but this time around we've decided to go with something a bit more simple and in-line with the current offerings from Gaulzetti while still tossing in some very subtle and simple touches.

The Embro Edition will be limited to 10 bikes, to celebrate the up-coming 10th print edition of Embrocation Cycling Journal. Changes to the standard Gaulzetti are in graphics only, as we believe the guys over at Zetti HQ have already designed some of the best racing bicycles made.

  • - Limited to 10 frames
  • - Subtle special graphics package as pictured
  • - Choice of Corsa, Cazzo, Cabron, or Chunder
  • - Your choice of King headset and bottom bracket colors (subject to availability)
  • - Includes matching King hubset
  • - Your choice of main and logo colors
  • - Includes two King Cage stainless cages
  • - Includes two Embrocation Cycling Journal Bidons

This Limited Edition series will run until all 10 units have been sold. Typical delivery time is approximately 8 weeks from your order being placed.

$3000 (frame, fork, headset, bottom bracket, hubset, topper (where applicable))

$1500 deposit secures your order. We will contact you for further details on your build once the deposit has been received.


photos and words by Brandon Elliott


Silca Eolo III Co2 Pump

By: Brandon 04/06/2014

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Silca has redesigned their Co2 head with the Eolo III. Evolving since 1982, the Eolo III is the third generation using a high precision spool valve designed to allow you to carefully regulate Co2 going into the tire simply by pressing the inflator onto the valve stem.

As is typical with Silca, the head is constructed completely of metal, contataining to plastic pieces which are prone to fail. A nice addition to the metal construction though, rubber o-rings insulate your fingers from the head and provide a level of customization to the head.

The Eolo III head is manufactured in Indiana for the highest quality materials exclusively on Citizen Swiss lathes which are renowned in the medical, aerospace, and avionics fields for their high-precision.

Included in this package is the Eolo III head and 2 Silca Ultra-Premium Co2 cartridges, which are made in Austria.


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photos and words by Brandon Elliott


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