Bespoke Builds - Speedvagen CX Disc

By: Brandon 02/23/2015

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On a recent trip to Portland I was the lucky recipient of a guided tour of the Vanilla "factory" that produces these amazing Speedvagen machines. Unfortunately I was not taking delivery of one for myself, but I was fortunate enough to shoot this one, one of the first disc-brake-equipped Speedvagen CX bikes to come out of the factory.

Sometime in the future I'll elaborate on the adoption of disc brakes to Speedvagen as explained to me by Sacha White himself, but until then, suffice it to say the decision wasn't easy. Sacha had no desire to slap on a caliper mount and call it good, and by the final result I think we can all agree he has maintained the Speedvagen aesthetic.

Rather than going on and on about my love for these bikes I'll just dole out some specs. This example is running Shimano's Di2, a mix of Ultegra and Dura-Ace. Wheels are ENVE SES 3.4 disc to Chris King R45d hubs. Cockpit is also all ENVE, with a painted-to-match stem. Speaking of paint, this is the Ghost theme in Matte Army Green.

Enjoy staring at this bike. The vast majority of us will not only never be able to afford one, but may not even see one in person.

photos and words by Brandon Elliott


Embro x Donkey Label Jersey V2.0

By: Brandon 02/20/2015

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Our first run of Donkey Label jerseys were pretty successful, we sold out in about a day and a half.

Ask a random group of dudes at a cafe ride, commuting or a crit and you’ll get a variety of opinions about sleeve length. The motivation here is that longer sleeves provide just a bit more UV protection on an often neglected bit of skin and it helps fit more body types. We also like the sleeves because they don’t have rolled and sewn cuffs, which is pro.

This new jersey, designed by our own design guy takes design a leap forward but utilizes the same exacting materials as our first go-round.

Embro HQ makes it no secret our love for exceptional products made domestically. We hope our appreciation for great design also shines through, and this new jersey is the embodiment of that ethos.

Constructed in Minneapolis, the materials are second to none. Slightly longer sleeves to protect you from the sun, loops for a radio, 3 rear pockets, and a minimal design that matches perfectly with your favorite black bibs.

One thing we like so much about DL is the unique construction. What we really like is how DL has elevated the design with unique panels on the chest and sleeves. Elsewhere on the jersey their material uses a 4-way stretch so it fits great no matter your physique, no matter the weather and if you’re like us (not all of us -B), sometimes you wear your kit more than once between washes. If you follow the DL Instagram feed you’ll see they’re nuts about two things: The Big Lebowski and testing fitment.


We're also offering the chance to pair your new jersey with a substantial discount on a single issue of ECJ or an annual subscription when purchased with the jersey.....


photos and words by Brandon Elliott


Embrocation MexiBidons

By: Brandon 02/18/2015

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Bidon rips. They're a thing, maybe not really our thing, but a thing. There have been a few that really slayed it, super clever, great artwork. There have been a ton more that were close, but not quite right. We've designed a quite a few, scraped them all, but kept coming back to the MexiBidon you see here.

We love the MexiCoke stop at the end of a hot ride, it perfectly compliments the pre-ride espresso. The only thing better than the post-ride MexiCoke are the tacos that come with it.

$9/bidon, $8/bidon for two, and $7/bidon for three or more. Mix it up with our other bidons to save a bit of coin.

Purchasing a total of 4 or more bidons together and we'll include an issue of Embrocation Cycling Journal, gratis.

Bidons will be limited to 200 units.

If you have questions, contact us here.

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photos and words by Brandon Elliott


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